Make Your Own Felt Pizza Activity

This Felt Pizza Activity is a fun dramatic play activity for your little ones.  It is a great activity for toddlers and young children, and best of all, it isn’t a noisy!  A perfect quiet time activity and a fun way to introduce them to cooking and baking.  

I created one whole pizza, but for older kids you could easily have a sliced pizza.  Just cut the crust and tomato sauce in quarters.  This is easy to put together. You can have it done in about 15 minutes.  

Here is what you will need to create this activity:
  • Felt sheets (beige, red, gray, yellow and green)
  • Scissors
    Felt Pizza Activity Felt Sheets

1. To make the pizza crust take a circular plate and trace around it.  Do the same for the pizza sauce, but use a slightly smaller plate. 

2.  You can chose to add whichever toppings you want. 

  • I decided to use yellow for grated cheese.   
  • The green felt can be used to make diced green bell peppers.  
  • I used the gray felt for sliced mushrooms.

* You can create other toppings as well such as pineapples, ham, pepperoni, spinach or tomatoes.  Have fun with it!

Felt Pizza Activity Cutouts


If you made this let me know! I would love to hear your thoughts so leave me a comment!  You can also tag me on Instagram @thelittlemomaid or use the hashtag #thelittlemomaid.


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Felt Pizza

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