FREE I SPY: Numbers 1-10 Worksheets

Number Recognition Practice With I Spy

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These printables are simple and fun worksheets for preschool and kindergarten aged children.  I let my two year old use these I Spy Numbers worksheets even though they are a little advanced for her.  She is able to find and identify the numbers but has not yet developed a good pencil grip.  This however, does not stop her from having fun scribbling over the target numbers. Once she has scribbled over those numbers she then wants to colour in the other numbers too!

I Spy Numbers 1-10 Worksheets

These I Spy Numbers 1-10 worksheets will help your child practice number recognition in a fun way.  Because my daughter had not yet done any activities like this in the past, I modeled for her how to do this activity.  I explained to her that we had to find the target number, which was 3, as shown in the picture below.  We searched for each number 3, then coloured them in.

I Spy Numbers Worksheets

You can help your little detective identify the target number and color it in! I told my daughter the numbers are being sneaky and trying to hide and she had to catch them.  My girl loves pretending to hide everything and anything… toys, clothes, her hands and feet, you name it!

I Spy Number 1-10 Worksheets

These number recognition worksheets were designed to be used with Bingo Markers or Do-a-Dot Markers.  Of course, the worksheets can be used with crayons, coloring pencils, markers, transparent counting chips, or any other manipulative.  You can laminate these sheets for durability or place them in sturdy plastic sheet protectors. If you go this route you can use dry erase crayons like we did.  They are perfect for small hands and easy to clean up.

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