Meet Yu Lan, The Girl Behind The Little Mom Aid

All Smiles
Welcome!! I am happy you are here!

Hi there!  I’m Yu Lan and I am so happy that you popped by The Little Mom Aid!

Here I will be sharing recipes, crafts, DIY projects, fun learning activities for kids and anything else I think is worth sharing with other mommies (and daddies).

I like to be creative and to share my creations with family and friends.  I’m extending the invitation to you and I hope you want to come along with me!

How The Little Mom Aid came to be:

One day, while playing with my little one and having a full-fledged goo-gaga conversation, I realized I needed something for me.  I needed to be able to use real words and share my thoughts and ideas with others.  Thus the idea to start a blog took shape and months later The Little Mom Aid was born.  On the blog I will be sharing my love of teaching, cooking and baking as well as my need to keep busy and create.

Family Life

My husband, Mike, and I have been married for almost three years. We met in the beautiful city of Montreal when we were in university.  We took the same history course and ended up working on a group project together. It wasn’t until the following semester that we started dating.  He took the follow up course in hopes of seeing me.  Luckily IWedding day was in class because we fell in love and now have a two beautiful little girls named Kaliya and Azalie.  Kaliya is my little munchkin who loves to make mommy laugh and simply cannot get enough of Dr. Seuss’ Fox in Socks (I’ve seriously read that book at least 100 times). Azalie is the newest addition to the family! I can’t get enough of her chubby little cheeks!




Where I live

A year and a half ago my family and I moved to Quebec City, Quebec.  It’s not quite the city… I live in the suburbs, in a small town, in our cozy house.  I always have crazy plans and ideas on how to spruce things up or add a little personality to the house.  When some of that craziness becomes a reality I will share it with you on the blog.

Professional Background

While in Montreal I studied History at Concordia University.  Soon after graduating Mike and I moved to Ottawa.  The following year I enrolled in Teacher’s College at Ottawa University and began supply teaching in elementary schools a few months after graduating.  When I started working I was almost 8 months pregnant with Kaliya.  Let’s just say I loved my job but I REALLY loved putting my swollen, achy feet up at the end of the day!!  After Kaliya was born I took a few months off but returned to finish the school year.  Shortly after my family and I moved across the province and I am now a stay at home mama.

Fun Facts

I do not know how to swim and being around water makes me a wee bit nervous.  Actually, none of my siblings or parents know how to swim.  My husband jokes about this because both my parents were born on islands in the Caribbean (Trinidad and Barbados).

I spontaneously break into song and dance. Of course, in the privacy of my own home.

I am short… like really short. I try to get away with saying that I’m 4’11” but truth be told I’m only 4’10¾” .  The ¼” makes all the difference.

Yu Lan with short hair
Short hair, don’t care!

A few years ago, on whim I decided to chop off all my hair.  I was feeling the “short hair, don’t care” vibe!  Loved the look but with thin hair, every morning was a struggle. Talk about daily bed head!