Create an Autumn Leaves Tree with Pompoms and Paint

Autumn Tree Painting

Summer is coming to an end and autumn is upon us. Autumn is my favourite season! I love the fall colours, changing leaves, pumpkin pies, apple crisps and the hot soups and stews I can start cooking up.  It is also sweater and cute boot weather! Annddd, there are a ton of cute fall themed arts and crafts to do, just like the Autumn Leaves Tree painting I am sharing with you.

This fall I am trying to plan a bunch of activities and crafts to do with my daughter.  It will be her last couple of months as a single child! Her baby sister is due in November, so I’d like to get in a little extra mommy-daughter time before I’m totally sleep deprived and constantly breastfeeding.   Today we did a Mommy-and-Me craft together.  We painted a tree with autumn leaves using pompoms.  And, my little artist had fun bobbing the pompoms up and down on the canvas!

This is a quick and simple craft for kids to do.  It is toddler friendly and your little artists will have fun painting an Autumn Tree.  This is also an inexpensive craft as all the materials can be picked up at the dollar store if you do not already have them on hand.

Here we go:


  • Canvas (Use whatever size you like. We used an 8×11)
  • Paint (brown, red, orange, yellow, green)
  • Paint brush
  • Clothespins
  • Pompoms
  • Styrofoam plate or paint tray


Let the painting begin:

Step 1

First, paint the tree trunk and branches.  If you need to you can lightly draw on the canvas before painting over it with a brush.  This is what I did since my daughter is too young to do it by herself. 

Autumn Leaves Tree Trunk

Step 2

Next, as the paint dries prepare your pompoms!  This will take five seconds.  Simply pinch the top of the pompoms with the clothespins and you’re set. It is super cute and is a fun way for your little ones to paint.  It also creates a neat texture and pattern.

Clothespins and Pompoms Autumn Leaves Painting

Step 3

Lastly, let ‘em paint! Dab-Dab-Dab!

I had to turn the canvas upside down for my daughter because she started putting the leaves at the bottom of the tree. She didn’t quite understand my vision! 🙂

Pompom Painting Autumn Leaves Tree


I hope you and your littles have fun creating your own Autumn Tree. If your kids make this craft, I would love to see some pictures.  You can tag me on Instagram @thelittlemomaid.  Oh, and don’t forget to share friends!! Thank you 🙂


What are your plans for the fall?  Any suggestions for fun activities would be great!

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