Beginning Sounds Cards Freebie

These free Beginning Sounds Cards are a fun and engaging way for preschoolers and kindergarteners to practice letter recognition, beginning letter sounds, and writing. This alphabet activity is interactive and your little learner will have fun learning!

This beginning sounds cards pack includes a color and a black and white version. Both versions include 26 cards, fitting 4 to a page. This phonics activity is great for children to build their vocabulary, as they name the picture and identify the letter with the corresponding beginning sound.

The first letter of each word is left blank so children can fill it in by writing it in, or by using a letter manipulative such as magnetic letters. I suggest laminating these cards so you can get lots of use out of them. This is the laminator that I use at home.

How to Use These Beginning Sound Cards

  • Have your child identify the picture. For example, “Carrot”.
  • Next, have her say the beginning sound – /C/.
  • Your child will then identify the corresponding letter – “C”.
  • She will then find the letter manipulative – “C”.
  • Finally, she will place the letter on the blank line on the card to complete the word.


  • Beginning Sound Cards (click on the link below for your copy)
  • Magnetic letters (or other letter manipulatives)
  • Dry erase markers (optional)

How to Prepare Beginning Sounds Cards

Download the Beginning Sounds Cards at the end of this post. Print them and laminate for added durability. By laminating the cards your child will be able to reuse them. Next, cut out the cards along the dotted lines.

You can make a stack of all 26 cards but this may be overwhelming for children. I suggest starting with 5 or 6 cards and lay out the corresponding letters.

If your child enjoys these pages you should check out these Free Do-A-Dot Alphabet Printables and these Free Do-A-Dot Alphabet Pictures.

Tips and Ideas for Reinforcing Letter Sounds

You can easily integrate mini phonics lessons throughout the day with your child. For example, when your child is getting dressed to play outside you can say ” Put on your coat. /C/ /C/ /C/ Coat. Coat begins with the letter C! Can you make the /C/ /C/ /C/ sound in coat?” This is a simple and effective way to help your child recognize letter sounds.

When teaching my children the names of letters I also teach them the letter sounds as well. Just like when we teach our kids the names of animals we also teach them the sounds they make. I do the same with letters. I’ll point to a letter such as “A” and ask my child what the name is. Then I will say ” What does the letter “A” say?” or “What sound does “A” make?”

Free Beginning Sounds Cards

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