Father’s Day Coloring Pages for Kids

Are you looking for sweet and fun gift ideas for dad? The free Father’s Day Coloring Pages for kids are perfect. These Father’s Day printables are a fun way for kids to say “I love you Dad!” Your students or kids can also choose to do coloring pages for Grandpa, Uncle, and Stepdad.

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The Father’s Day coloring pages are suitable for preschoolers, kindergartners, and elementary aged children. Kids can make their Dad smile and show their love and appreciation with these sweet coloring pages.

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Father’s Day Coloring Pages

There are 5 different styles of coloring pages included in this freebie. Three of the printables have copies for Grandpa, Uncle and Stepdad.


  • coloring supplies (crayons, markers, coloring pencils, watercolors, etc.)
  • paper (printing paper, or cardstock for added durability)

Options for Father’s Day Coloring Pages

This pack of Father’s Day printables have a variety of options to chose from to try and address the unique situations of different families.


The first coloring page is the Happy Father’s Day printable.


The next one is the Thank You For Helping Me Grow coloring page. This printable is so cute and can be given to dad, stepdad, uncle, or grandfather.


Another option is the My Dad Rocks coloring page. There are also versions for Grandpa, Uncle, and Stepdad. This Father’s Day coloring page is great for the dad who love music!


The Best Dad Ever coloring sheet is a simple way for a kid to say “Dad, you are the best!” This coloring page has versions for Stepdad, Uncle and Grandpa.


The last coloring page is the To the Best Dad in the World. This page also comes with versions for Stepdad, Grandpa and Uncle.

Free Father’s Day Coloring Pages for Kids

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    I hope your kids or students have fun coloring and creating something special for their dads or other men in their lives.

    Have a Happy Father’s Day!

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