Free Leaf Printable Templates

It is Fall Y’all! And that means all things fall crafts. If you are looking to do some fun fall crafts with leaves then you will love these free leaf printable templates. Trying to draw oak leaves, or maple leaves can be really tricky. With these leaf templates it will make your life so much easier!

There are so many crafts, activities and decor ideas you and your kids can do with these leaf printable templates. You can use them as coloring pages, for collages, banners and other fun crafts as well.

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These free leaf printable templates will make your life so much easier as you create fall crafts with your preschool, kindergarten and elementary aged kids.  Use these leaf stencils for crafts, coloring pages, collages and banners.

Free Leaf Printable Templates

There are 7 different leaf templates for you to chose from. Use them for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten and elementary aged kids.

Be sure to use the PDF file for the free leaf templates. If you use the pictures in this post the size and quality of the images will be off.

Ways to Use Fall Leaf Printable Templates

Use these free leaf printable templates to create fun fall crafts for toddlers. preschool, kindergarten and elementary ages kids.

Coloring Pages. These leaf printables are perfect to use coloring pages. This is super simple and there is no mess.

Painting. Let your kids paint these leaf printable templates. Put out fun fall colors like red, orange, yellow, brown and purple. These would be gorgeous with watercolors!

Collage. Tear small pieces of fall colored constructions paper, tissue paper or even pages from a magazine. Use a glue stick to paste the little pieces of paper all over the leaf.

Banner. Create a fun fall banner with these leaf templates. Use one leaf style or use a variety if you wish. Your kids can paint them, add glitter or sequins. How cute would this be hanging in the window?

These free leaf templates are great for fall crafts for kids of all ages.  Use these leaf templates to create banners, to decorate for fall or simply as a fall coloring page.

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What other ideas or crafts could you use the leaf templates for? If your kids use these templates I would love see their masterpieces! You can share it on Instagram and use the hashtag #thelittlemomaid or tag @thelittlemomaid as well!

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Free Fall Leaf Printable Templates

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    I hope you and your kids have fun being creative with these printable leaf templates!

    Happy Crafting!

    These free printable leaf templates are easy to use and very versatile.  Your kids can be very creative and use their imagination with these.  Use these leaf printables to create your own fall crafts for kids.

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