Fun Free Pumpkin Count and Match Activity

Do you need a quick math activity for preschool and kindergarten kids to practice number recognition and one-to-one correspondence? This free Pumpkin Count and Match activity is perfect for kids to practice these math skills! With this free math activity, kids will have fun counting objects to 10 and identifying numbers.

This simple pumpkin-themed math activity is quick and easy to prepare. Grab your free download, print the activity, and cut out the number cards.

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Practice counting, 1-1 correspondence and number recognition with this free pumpkin count and match activity

Pumpkin Count and Match

This pumpkin-themed math activity is perfect for kids to learn to identify numbers 0 to 10 and practice one-to-one correspondence. With this activity preschool and kindergarten learners will work on:

  • number recognition
  • 1-1 correspondence
  • counting objects to 10
  • fine motor skills

What Is One-to-One Correspondence?

One-to-one correspondence is a foundational math skill that preschool and kindergarten-aged kids learn. It is the ability to say a number for each object counted. One-to-one correspondence is the knowledge that each number has a corresponding quantity.

Preparing the Pumpkin Count and Match Activity

The pumpkin seed counting activity requires little preparation. Download the freebie and print it out. Next, laminate the number cards and cut them apart.

Here’s What’s Included:

  • 1 recording sheet in black and white
  • Pumpkin seed counting cards 0-10 in color
make learning numbers and counting fun and engaging with this free pumpkin count and match printable activity


How to Use the Pumpkin Count and Match Activity:

Place the pumpkin seed counting cards on the table. They can be face down, out of order, or in a pile. Kids pick a card and count the seeds in the pumpkin. Next, they will find the corresponding number on the recording sheet and color it in.

Ideas for Use

Make this activity reusable by laminating both the cards and the recording sheet. Another option is to place the recording sheet in a dry-erase pocket. Pair it with dry-erase markers, and you can use this activity multiple times.

Another idea is to place the pumpkin seed counting cards in a fall or Halloween-themed sensory bin. You could use black beans as the filler, and add orange and green pompoms to make it like a pumpkin patch. For some ideas on how to create or set up sensory bins, check out this post here.

make learning numbers and counting fun and engaging with this free pumpkin count and match printable activity

Free Pumpkin Count and Match Activity

Click the button below to download your copy.

Other Ways to Build Number Recognition and Counting Skills

Need more ideas and ways to teach kids to count and learn numbers during Halloween time? Keep reading to find some other fun ways to build these important skills.

Counting Songs

Using music and songs about numbers and counting is a simple and engaging way for kids to learn. Try these songs and get counting and dancing!

Count to 10 With My Halloween Friends, by Jack Hartmann

10 Little Pumpkins! – A HALLOWEEN SONG, by Miss Molly Sing Along Songs

Counting Books

Give some of these Halloween-themed counting books a try with your kids or students. You can borrow them from your local library, find a read-aloud on YouTube, or click on the affiliate links to grab a copy.

Pete the Cat: Five Little Pumpkins, by James Dean and Kimberley Dean

Ten Trick-or-Treaters A Halloween Counting Book by Janet Schulman

Ten Timid Ghosts by Jennifer O’Connell, and read by Bri Reads

I hope you enjoy this activity and check out the books and videos! If you have any other fun pumpkin or Halloween-themed counting books or songs you use with your kids, please share them with us! I would love to check them out!

Have a wonderful day!

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