Fun Free Summer Letter Activity for Kindergarten

Do you need a fun summer letter activity to practice the alphabet this summer? The free Popsicle Letter Match activity is perfect for kids to practice letter recognition, visual discrimination and fine motor skills.

This letter activity is quick and easy to set up. Download and print the activity, and cut out the letter cards.

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summer letter activity for preschool and kindergarten students to practice letter recognition, visual discrimination, and fine motor skills

Popsicle Summer Letter Activity

This summer letter activity is perfect for kids to practice identifying the letters of the alphabet. With this activity preschool and kindergarten learners will work on:

  • letter recognition
  • visual discrimination
  • fine motor skills
popsicle-themed alphabet letter mat to practice letter recognition, visual discrimination, and fine motor skills

Preparing the Summer Letter Activity

The summer Popsicle Letter Match activity is easy to prepare. Download the freebie and print it out. Next, laminate the letter cards and cut them apart.


Ideas for Use

Want to use these printables multiple times? You can laminate them or place them in dry-erase pockets, and use them with dry-erase markers.

Have kids pick a letter card, then find the matching letter on the mat. Once they find the letter they trace or color it in.

Another fun way to use this simple summer letter activity is to pair it with a sensory bin. Grab a bin and fill it with your favorite sensory bin filler. If you need some sensory bin ideas check out this post. Place the letter cards in the bin, and invite kids to pick a letter card. They will identify the letter, then find it on the popsicle letter mat.

Need more ways to use this free popsicle letter match activity? Why not use small manipulatives to cover the letters on the mat? You can add in a fine motor component and have kids place pompoms on the letter mat with tweezers or tongs.

summer alphabet letter mat to practice letter recognition, visual discrimination, and fine motor skills

Extend the Activity

To create a quick and easy alphabet matching game, print and cut out two copies of the letter cards.

Another idea is to pick some pairs of letter cards and create a simple memory game. Lay the cards upside down and have kids flip them over to try and find a matching pair.

Kids can also practice placing cards in alphabetical order. If you have math chain links, use a hole punch to make a hole at the bottom of the card. By linking the cards together they can practice fine motor skills and alphabetical order.

Free Popsicle Letter Matching Download

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