Halloween Pumpkin Craft for Toddlers

Toddler-Friendly Halloween Pumpkin Craft

Halloween is fast approaching and its time to get the in the spirit!  I’m talking about costumes, Halloween themed treats, decorations and kids crafts.  We are just beginning to get into the Halloween spirit in my house.  This weekend we are planning a family outing to the pumpkin patch, which I am very excited about!  We’ve been talking about pumpkins with my toddler and she is looking forward to picking out a pumpkin!  Today we did an oh-so simple Halloween pumpkin craft.  

This Halloween Pumpkin Craft takes no time at all and is truly toddler-friendly.  You are more than likely to have all the materials on hand, which makes it an easy craft to throw together.  Halloween Pumpkin Craft Observation

Before we started our little craft I showed my daughter a small pumpkin I purchased for her.  I let her touch and look at it.  I wanted to add in a little teaching component as well with a quick pumpkin observation. I asked her what colour it was and what she thought about the way it felt.  She did not have the vocabulary to answer so I showed her and let feel her the parts that were bumpy and those that were smooth.  

Now let’s get to the Halloween Pumpkin Craft!


  • Styrofoam or paper plate
  • Green cardstock paper or construction paper
  • Orange and black paint
  • Sponge (I cut a sponge into squares and we used one square for this craft)
  • Pompom
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick or scotch tape

Getting Started

Begin by pouring orange paint in the plate for your little one.  With the sponge she will dab the paint all over the plate.  My daughter has learned a new skill… jumping! So we said that she was making the sponge jump all over the plate.  

Halloween Pumpkin Craft Orange Paint

Next, as the paint dries on the plate, prepare the pumpkin stem and leaf.  Have your toddler place her foot on the cardstock and trace it with a pencil.  For us, this was a little tricky! Kaliya is very ticklish to say the least!  Tracing the hand was much simpler!

Halloween Pumpkin Craft Foot Tracing

When you are finished tracing cut out the foot and hand then stick them to the back of the plate.  The foot is the stem, and the hand is the leaf.  Another idea is to put paint on your toddlers foot and hand and make stamps.  Finally, using the pompom and black paint your little one can create a face on her pumpkin.

Halloween Pumpkin Craft Finished


If your little one made this Halloween Pumpkin Craft let me know! I would love to hear how it turned out so leave me a comment!  You can also tag me on Instagram @thelittlemomaid or use the hashtag #thelittlemomaid.



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