How to Spend One-on-One Time with Your Kids

Motherhood is beautiful. It can also be crazy, overwhelming and chaotic! There are always a ton of things that need to get done like laundry, housework and cooking to name a few. Sometimes, spending one-on-one time with our kids gets overlooked amongst the chaos!

Spending one-on-one time with our kids, however, is extremely important. Spending quality time with our children is a great way to connect and bond with them, and show them that we care.

With Baby #3 on the way in just a couple of months I know my daughters will want and NEED attention from Mommy and Daddy during this big transition in their lives.


How to Know When Kids Need One-on-One Time


Each child may ask for your attention in different ways. It is good to know the cues each child has for letting you know they need some quality one-on-one time. Some kids can simply tell you that they would like to spend time with you. Others who are quite young or less articulate may misbehave, act out or cry.

In our family, my eldest daughter will ask us to play with her, or read to her. My youngest is more likely to follow me around, cry, or whine when she wants to spend time with mommy. When I recognize these cues I try to stop what I’m doing, and give them the attention they need.


Ways to Spend One-on-One Time With Kids

Spending quality one-on-one time with your kids does not need to be a huge production. It doesn’t need to be complicated or elaborate! Keep it simple – it could be something like 10 minutes a day! If you have multiple children, it will be more manageable!


Bedtime has always been a great way to spend time with the kids in our home. When I had my first child, bedtime was my favorite way to spend one-on-one time with my daughter. I loved it. I read her stories, sang lullabies, gave her hugs and snuggles and cuddles! It was magical.

When I had my second daughter, our bedtime routine changed. I couldn’t give my eldest that special one-on-one time like before. Our girls share a room but I still make time to spend a few minutes with each before they fall asleep. I sit next to my youngest while she holds my finger and I stay with her until she falls asleep. My eldest will wait for me to check on her after her little sister falls asleep. Then we will whisper together for a few minutes about anything she wants or I ask her about something that made her happy that day.

Read Stories Aloud


Our daughters absolutely love when we read them stories. They love it even more when we read to them one-on-one. Reading to each child is a great way to make one-on-one time with kids. We let our girls chose the book, snuggle in close and read together. This is truly one of my favorite ways to spend quality one-on-one time with my children.

Play Together


Just go ahead and get down on the floor and play with your children! Let your kids chose the game or toys they want to play with. My eldest loves it when I play with her. She smiles from ear to ear! Both of my girls really enjoy playing with stuffed animals, baby dolls, My Little Ponies, Lego and play dough.

Stay Up Late


Allowing one of your kids to stay up a little later than the others is such a fun way to spend time together. It is so exciting for a kid to be able to stay past their bedtime! Your child will love it! It doesn’t have to be a long time either – 10 to 15 mins is more than enough if your child is small. You can chat together, read a book together, or play a quiet game.

Get Them Involved in Chores and Routines

A great way to sneak in some quality one-on-one time with your kids is to involve them in daily or weekly chores and routines. Both of my girls really enjoy spending time with mommy and daddy in the kitchen. You can ask one child to help prepare meals. It is a fun activity to do together and it gives you a chance to talk.



If you get the chance to take a child out for a date it is so special to him or her. Going out together is a great way to make one-on-one time with your child. You can take them out for a treat like ice cream or a hot chocolate. Going to the movies is another fun option. You can also take your child to a restaurant of their choice!

Do What They Love

Get involved in one of your kids favorite activities or hobbies. If you see your child is doing an activity they love, ask if she would like you to join. The answer will almost always be a yes! Coloring is a one of my daughters’ favorite activities to do. They can color for hours! Each one of my girls loves when Mommy and Daddy spend time coloring with them.

Breastfeeding Baby

As I mentioned at the beginning of my post, I am expecting my 3rd child – a baby boy! As with my daughters I hope to be able to breastfeed him. I plan to use this special one-on-one time with him to bond and connect. While nursing your baby you can read to him, or talk to him. You can also sing lullabies and just soak in the miracle of your sweet little babe.

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