Ice Cream Making Ten Activity

Warm weather, sunshine, and frozen treats are just a few of the things I love about summer. This Making Ten Ice Cream freebie will have you and your learners looking forward to summertime and a nice ice cream treat! Making ten is an important skill for kindergarten-aged kids to learn. This fun hands-on math activity gets your learners practicing making ten.

The Importance of Making 10

Ten is an important concept in our number system. By practicing how to make ten learners are gaining an understanding of the relationships between numbers and building number sense. As kids learn the pairs of numbers that add up to ten, they are practicing addition fact fluency. Making ten is also a great way for kids to gain an understanding of how to compose and decompose numbers.

making ten activity

Ice Cream Making Ten Activity

This activity requires little prep and is easy to set up. This making ten game can be used for centers or in small groups.


  • Free Ice Cream Making Ten Activity (at the end of the post)
  • 2 different color crayons
  • pencil


Print out the puzzle pieces and the recording sheets. Laminate the puzzle pieces, then cut them out. Lay out the Ice Cream Make Ten puzzle pieces for your learners.

making ten activity


Learners will practice making ten as they match the ice cream scoops and cones together.

This making ten game comes with two recording sheets. The first is for learners to record the number pairs for making ten as they match the puzzle pieces.

The second is for learners to fill out ten frames as they pick up each puzzle piece. Learners will write the number sentence below the ten frame as well.

I hope your learners have lots of fun with this ice cream making ten game.

Free Ice Cream Making Ten Activity


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