Learning to Read – Early Emergent Readers

Learning to Read Early Emergent Reader

From a very young age children become interested in books and learning to read. As a parent it is important to encourage your child’s budding interest in reading and support your Early Emergent Reader as she navigates learning this exciting new skill. Building a strong foundation and helping your child develop her reading skills will help her to become a strong reader. 

What is an Early Emergent Reader?

Early Emergent Readers or Beginner Readers are aspiring readers who are learning basic conceptsABC LEARN TO READ EARLY EMERGENT READER about books and print. 

An early emergent reader:
– can identify some letters of the alphabet
– has an understanding of letters and letter sounds
– knows some high frequency words (also known as sight words)

What is an Early Emergent Reader Learning:

– that we read from left to right, and top to bottom
– to associate individual words to sounds through one-to one matching
– to use reading strategies such as relying on pictures to understand the story

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How Can You Support Your Child Learning to Read?

Learning to Read: Early Emergent Readers

  • Encourage your child to pick up a book and look at the pictures and try to read. Your child can “read” from memory if it is a book that you have read frequently with her, or she can make up a story by drawing conclusions from the pictures.
  • When reading a story to your child use your finger to point out the words. This will demonstrate that we read from left to right, and from top to bottom.

How to Chose Books for Early Emergent Readers?

  • Chose books with a lot of pictures because the images will illustrate and support the text. This will make it easier for your child to make connections and follow along.
  • The words should printed in the same place on each page.
  • The text should include high frequency words.
  • The text should also have a predictable pattern and repetitive text.
  • The topic of the book should be something familiar to your child. For example, if your child is learning about animal sounds you can read them a book about farm animals.
Last but certainly not least, always encourage your child as she reads! Let her know that you are proud of her!


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How to Support Your Beginner Reader


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