Easy Ways to Look Put Together as a Stay at Home Mom

In this post I want to share with you some easy ways to look and feel put together as a stay at home mom.  I will share simple actionable steps that I use to help me feel good and ready to tackle my day.

Easy Ways to Looks and Feel Put Together as a Stay at Home Mom

Before I became a stay at home mom I loved to dress up. I enjoyed shopping and putting together outfits. I also loved putting on makeup – from brows to mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, foundation and blush. When I became a stay at home mom, however, all the dressing up and putting on makeup stopped. I only dressed up or put on make up for special occasions like Christmas parties or something fancy. 

My everyday look became pajamas or sweats with bed-head or messy ponytail. I mean if I wasn’t going to be leaving my house why would I bother trying to look good? Why get dressed or worry about what I look like if I’m going to be changing diapers and doing laundry? Truth is, when I didn’t look and feel put together I began to feel unmotivated, and began to lose my self-confidence. I became less productive and less focused. 

In order to get out of that funk and feel better I made some simple changes. Here are my 5 easy ways to look and feel put together as a stay at home mom.

1. Skincare

The first easy way to look and feel put together as a stay at home mom is to take care of your skin. When I wash my face in the morning it helps me to wake up and feel refreshed. After I cleanse my skin I apply a moisturizer. My skin looks and feels brighter. For me it is a definite mood booster!

Before I go to bed I also make sure to wash my face and get off all the dirt that accumulated throughout the day. It just feels so good to go to bed with a freshly washed face!

2. Makeup — Totally Optional

The second thing I do to look and feel put together is to apply makeup.  This is totally optional and by no means do I think this is a must! Ladies, I get it, makeup isn’t for everyone!.  I feel more confident when I have a little makeup on and like I can tackle my day. I end up being more productive.

My makeup routine is super simple.  It takes me 5 minutes tops! After I have washed my face I fill in my eyebrows and apply a little blush. If I’m feeling fancy I might do mascara or lipstick.

3. Get Dressed

The third easy way to look put together as a stay at home mom is to get dressed in the morning! This one is key!! It is so easy as a stay at home mom to stay in our pajamas all day. I am totally guilty of this.  I mean pjs are so comfortable and cozy.  When I wear my pajamas all day though, I feel lazy. I just want to sit on the couch and pretend there isn’t a load of laundry to fold or dishes to wash.

I’m not saying you need to go all out and wear your fancy clothes.  The clothes I wear at home still need to be comfortable and practical. I am a stay at home mom of 3 young kids! My go to is leggings with a tank top or t-shirt and a cardigan.

4. Do Your Hair

The fourth thing I do to look and feel put together is to do my hair.  Doing my hair in the morning makes me feel like less of a mess.  I keep my hairdo pretty simple.  I tend to sleep with my hair in a ponytail or a braid.  In the morning I brush my hair and tie it up in a fresh ponytail or just leave it down.  Because I have long hair and a baby I do tend to tie it up so my son can’t grab it.

5. Accessorize

The fifth and final way is to accessorize.  I do not feel like my look is complete or put together until I’ve got on a pair of earrings. I love wearing studs with stones — I love a little shimmer and sparkle.  Also, I adore a medium sized gold hoop but with a baby I don’t wear any earrings or jewelry that can be yanked or pulled easily.  You could also wear a cute necklace or bracelet or a ring. Wear whatever makes you feel good and brings you joy!

So tell me, what are some things you do to feel and look put together as a stay at home mom?  What is a must for you? I want to hear your ideas mamas!

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