Watermelon Activities and Centers for Preschool and Kindergarten

I have a fun, fresh, and engaging Watermelon Activities and Centers pack for your preschool and kindergarten learners. This hands-on and interactive watermelon-themed pack includes 8 activities that your learners will have lots of fun with.

Also, at the bottom of this post, I have included a free watermelon counting activity for you! Be sure to download your copy 🙂

FUN Watermelon Activities and Centers

Watermelon Uppercase Letter Match


This is a fun activity that focuses on letter recognition. Your learner will match uppercase letters to form a watermelon slice. You may opt to set out 4 to 5 sets or the entire deck. If you lay out all the cards it would be fun to place them on the floor for kids to find the match.

Another idea is to pick out the letters of your child’s name and let her find the matching uppercase letters. We picked out 5 sets and used them in a sensory bin filled with black beans for extra fun!

Letter Ww Mat


For this activity, you may choose to laminate the mat or place it in a sheet protector. If you laminate the mat your learner can use a variety of small manipulatives to cover the letters. We chose to use green glass beads but you can use black beans, pompoms, mini erasers, buttons, play dough, etc. If you decide not to laminate the sheet your learner can decorate each letter with paint, markers, bingo markers, feathers, stickers, or if you are feeling brave, glitter!

Watermelon Beginning Sounds 


This is a fun way to practice letter sounds. Name the picture on the watermelon and identify the beginning sound. Your learner will then identify the letter that makes the sound and cover each on the card. You can use black beans, mini erasers, glass beads, or pompoms for this watermelon activity.

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Watermelon Tracing Lines


This activity is great for building fine motor skills and strengthening the muscles in those small hands. You can use dry-erase markers to trace the lines or change it up by using beans, beads or even play dough!

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Watermelon Count and Stack Mats


This is a fun center for practicing counting, number recognition, and 1:1 correspondence. Your learner will identify the number on a watermelon then count and stack snap cubes to build a tower with the corresponding number. There are two mats included. One for counting from 1 to 10 and another for 11-20. Recording sheets are also included so your learner can practice number formation.

Watermelon Patch Counting Mat


Your learner will practice counting to 10 with this fun counting mat activity. First, your learner will pick a watermelon number card and place it on the mat. Next, she will use play dough to form the corresponding number of watermelons and place them on the mat. This activity covers numbers 1-10.

Watermelon Seeds Counting Mat


Let’s see how many seeds are in this watermelon slice! Your learner will pick a watermelon number card, place it on the mat and identify the number. Count out the seeds and place them on the watermelon. You can use beans, buttons, pompoms, or play dough for this activity.

Watermelon Play Dough Mat


Play dough, anyone? Kiddos love building and creating with play dough. This watermelon play dough mat is a fun activity for your learner to create, color match, and build fine motor skills.

I hope you and your learner enjoy these cute Watermelon Activities and Centers! Happy learning!

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